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Hello! Sending another update!! The kittens are both doing very well. I am still trying to get a picture with the three of them together but whenever I get up to get the camera they all jump up to follow me! Skippy now LOVES Guinness. Ace does his own thing when he isn't playing with Skippy. Ace has turned out to be the trouble maker of the two :-) Skippy is super laid back and loves to just fall over in the middle of the floor waiting for you to give him attention. He is the one that will jump up on the couch or bed and curl up with you for hours. It took me a while to figure out why Ace was putting on a little more weight than he should be when I was feeding them the same amount-but I had to start feeding them separately because Ace was being a little piggish and inhaling his food just so he could push Skippy out of the way and eat his too. They loved watching the snow fall Christmas weekend. They sat in their cat tree staring out the window. I am attaching a few pictures of them. Skippy is getting darker! :-)

Oh, and Ace got a booboo on his nose when they were rough housing one day. I was hoping the hair would grow back but it looks like there will be a scar...

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