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We adopted "Buddy" (we re-named him from Remington) about two weeks ago. He acts like he has known us all of his life. He slept with us the first night we had him. He follows me around the house like a puppy dog and wants to be in the same room that we are in. This past weekend I took him to our beach house for the first time. I put him in the cat carrier and let him ride on the front seat beside me. He meowed about 5 minutes and then stuck his paw out of the carrier. I rubbed it until he fell asleep and he did not wake up until we got there. The first 5 minutes after we arrived, he walked in every room and sniffed everything. When he was satisfied that everything was "okay", he jumped on the couch was "at home." Some of my friends came over to meet him and he showed off quite a bit by playing with balls (his favorite toy). So far, he has lost 8 balls in our house. He can almost catch the ball when I throw it to him. He loves kitty treats and will do almost anything for them. Buddy is a wonderful addition to our house!

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