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I hope that you all are doing great. This April 25th will mark Callie's 4th anniversary with us. She is such a sweet dog and we are truly blessed to have her as a member of our family. She and our other dog, CJ, are inseparable and even as he gets older, he still loves to play with his Callie.

In 2011, we celebrated the birth of our first child, Charlotte. She has always had an affinity for Callie over CJ, as she was gentler and "smaller" than the 104-lb CJ (I think she is about 70 pounds). As she grows older, she has no fear of dogs (which is good and bad) and she has more and more fun with Callie every day. I truly believe that children should have animals growing up so that they learn to love, respect and care for another creature at a young age. I was taught this way and I pray that Charlotte will continue to love animals all of her life.

I recently took these pictures of Charlotte and Callie and I thought you would enjoy it. Thank you for bringing Callie into our lives.

April, Paul and Charlotte

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