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It has been a year now since we adopted the most wonderful girl! Cassie (Warble) had a very rough start -- abandoned as a baby, anemia due to an abundance of fleas and ticks, parvo, respiratory issues, a warble.... However Betsy Dunnavant and the vet at Mitchell Mill saw the potential in this sweet girl. Despite the odds, Cassie survived because of the love and care of the 2PawUp organization.

Our family was blessed to have been chosen to be her forever family. She has grown from a shy, sweet puppy with a wild side when she's not around new people to a fun, happy snuggle bunny who loves to play, nap on us and start games with us. She's now about 45 pounds at almost 15 months old. We cannot begin to tell how Cassie has changed our lives. Our other dog (Sammy-14 years) became so active and playful with her around and really seemed to enjoy the last 6 months of his life with her by his side. Our sons have learned how to include her as a part of the family and love playing with her and helping to take care of her.

Cassie's nickname around here is "Beastie" because she is so active and playful... Thank you so much to the angels at 2PawsUp for rescuing Cassie and other animals who just want a chance. We cannot imagine our lives without her!

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