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An update: Having been wanting to send you a note to say how wonderful Elka is doing and to provide some pics of her travels over the past year. We certainly love our Elka ... she is so loving, smart, and well-behaved. She also loves to play and that is a part of our every night activity where she brings me which toy she wants to play with. And ... she is probably the most spoiled dog on the planet. Whenever we go out I ALWAYS have to buy her a new toy. She has a basket full of toys that are always scattered through the house at the end of the day. Her next trip will be learning to put her toys back in her basket. When I came home from a recent trip to Orlando she went through my luggage knowing there had to be something there for her ... of course there was.

Speaking of tricks ... she now heals well ... sitting when I stop, she can catch a bone off her nose and will not move until she is told it is OK, she knows her left and right paw and can shake with the paw you ask her for, she will not touch food until you tell her it is OK ... I could go on and on! We also frequently take her boating and she loves that, but her favorite travel is riding in the back of my Jeep. Unfortunately, Elka is now an only child as we had to put our 14 1/2 year old Akita down right before Christmas. Elka missed Sheeba at first, but is now adjusting well. Thanks for being great foster parents and for letting us adopt such a perfect friend.

Attached are some pics I thought you would like to see as well as a link to a YouTube video of her catching the bone on her nose ... watch close .... she is fast!

YouTube Video Link http://youtu.be/yoC6hycr09k

All the best!
Michael and Sandra Rimmey

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