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We want to share an update regarding a female Siamese/Tabby mix we adopted (in late February) from one of your foster situations. Our beloved 17 year old blind cat Comet had died just before Christmas and we thought it would be a long time before we would share our home with an animal companion again. However, I came across Gobble's story the very same day that my husband learned of a rescued cat living in another foster situation. Fate? Perhaps! Choose - we couldn't - so now we have two.

We christened the sweet little girl as Cosette - our son is a serious student of French and the story of the orphan girl Cosette in Victor Hugo's Les Miserables echoed little Gobble's own life. Coincidentally, Cosette means "cute" in French and it is an apt description. She is endearing and charming, and holds a special place in our hearts.

Cosette was welcomed into our family by the rescued cat, a sleek smoky tuxedo fellow named Panzer, who had come to live with us just one week before her arrival. He is a little older and they have bonded beautifully.

I am attaching photos of the two of them resting after busy afternoons chasing and playing together.

Thank you for your good work.

The Terry family

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