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Jese is doing fine. He and my other tripod Laila get along very well. They love playing together and both of them sleep on the bed with me at night. They like to run around the back yard chasing squirrels. Jese acts like he still has all four legs. I take Jese and Laila over to the dog park on Lake Wheeler road once or twice a week. Jese loves running around with the big dogs. And when he is not running around he is either lying down next to Laila or he is sitting up on the picnic table 'looking over his domain'. People are always amazed how well he runs around when they realize he only has three legs.

Jese turns 4 on October 16th and Laila turns 4 on October 13th.

I have included some pics of Jese.

Bob, Laila and Jese

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