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Layla is doing Very well! I would say she is Thriving...she and my Dad have really bonded and it is a Beautiful thing to witness! She has overcome some of her shyness and is a Very Loving girl - She has also bonded with me and she has taken a shine to my husband...Sampson sometimes is a little jealous, but we are trying to make sure if one of is loving on her, then the other is loving on him.

With one male feline in the house, we're not going to push it. Sampson is still a little ambivalent; he's not "mean" to her, but there is definitely some "stealthy" chasing going on; she still has claws so when she gets tired of his theatrics, she definitely puts him in his place! Her allergies have been under control; she had a spell last spring, but our vet is AWESOME and took very good care of her and filled us in on the signs to look for...fur ruffled up away from the body to release heat when they are carrying a temp; and you can see in her eyes when she is not feeling well.

I want you to know we respect and admire what you folks are doing at 2PawsUp and we have been bandying your name about...I will try to get some pics posted; she really hasn't grown much larger than she was...she is a very "petite" little girl and very feminine. I would not have chosen the name "Layla", but oddly enough, it suits her nature.

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