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I really wanted to pass along my words of thanks to everyone involved in my recent experience and concurrent adoption with the 2pawsup organization. About 2 weeks ago, I was lucky enough to meet and adopt Lady (who is now known as Lexi). When I first met her, she was super timid and unsure about accepting a new human. However, it didn't take any time at all for her to begin making amazing progress. When we arrived home, she (after a bit of careful observation from one of her "safe spots") warmed up in a dramatic way! Within 24 hours, she was exploring, playing and snuggling up against me at every available moment.

My family has fallen in love with her and my neighbors are always wanting to stop and get to know this little fire ball! She now wakes me up every morning by challenging me to a wrestling match and running excitedly around. (You know she's ready when her tail starts thumping!) She has an amazing capacity for love and is sweet in every way! She follows me around constantly and wants to know everything I am doing. We love our walks and snuggle time and though I know it seems silly, her improvement is a HUGE deal for both she and myself. I'm so excited about our future together.

Thank you SO much to 2PawsUp and her awesome foster family for taking good care of her. I love her to pieces and can NOT imagine my life without her anymore.


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