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Hi! I wanted to share our "happy tail" about our new family member - Macey. We met Macey at AniMall, where she was hanging out with a 2PawsUp team member. She looked at us with her pretty eyes and wagged her tail and that was it for us!

We wrote the 2PawsUp team and asked for more information. Over the course of the next two weeks we had three play dates with Macey and our current rescued dog, Oreo. They loved each other! We've had her for two weeks now and it's like she's been with us forever.

Macey was rescued by 2PawsUp from a shelter where she was surrendered by her owners when she was days away from giving birth to a litter of pups. Her foster mom Angela took her in, took care of her and her pups, and gave her a great home for several months. Little Macey's had a long life in her 2 1/2 years - in addition to her litter she's also a breast cancer survivor.

We had a great experience with 2PawsUp and are thrilled that Macey is now a part of our life. It is indeed a "happy tail!"

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