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Mare is absolutely wonderful! We love her so much! I'm so glad that we adopted her! She's got such a warm, loving, sweet personality...and then just a little "feisty-ness" :) She's adapted well...she stays upstairs for the most part, but John was surprised to see her come down and check everything out downstairs...she just walked all across the couches, the chair, through the dining room and kitchen, etc. and the dogs were in shock!

She loves to sit at the top of the stairs, by the railing - I think she wants to oversee her "queendom" :) We bought her a light blue bed - to enhance her eyes, of course - and she goes in there "when she feels like it" :) Muffin has accepted her - though she still likes to sneak up on Mare to see if she "smells the same"... they sleep together with us on the bed, which I LOVE! She did put on a little weight - we think she was dipping into Muffin's food as well as her own - we feed her the Taste of the Wild you suggested - good stuff! We're working on feeding them separately - we don't want her to be a fattie :)

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