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Hey guys, thank you for the news letter. Wanted to pass along a photo of Molly who we adopted from foster care in November. Molly is very happy in her new home when she joins me for runs almost every day, she's a great training partner a she can always out last me and if I go too slow she'll turn around and give the leash a little tug in her mouth. She also loves going to the dog park (we have a wonderful large off leash park in Aberdeen with about a mile of trails), she is way at making friends and spends most of her time in the water chasing and swimming.

We also recently sent away to have Molly DNA tested to find out her breed. We were surprised to learn she had no Collie in here as we thought when we adopted her; she is mostly Australian Shepard with Lab and German Shepard mixed in.

Just wanted to say that you again for rescuing our pup an for continuing to improve the lives of pets and families in our community.

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