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My family and I spent several months looking for the perfect dog. We knew we wanted a Boxer, so that clearly limited our search. We saw a number of beautiful dogs, but none of them were properly trained. We looked into some Boxer rescues and numerous Craigslist advertisements but in each case, the dogs were lacking in social development and/or basic behavioral training. When I filled out my application for 2PawsUp, I was honestly a bit skeptical because of my lack of success up to that point. They were the only group to check my previous pets' veterinary history and ensure I was aware of common health problems associated with dogs who don't get regular check-ups.

When I got to meet Roxy, I couldn't believe how wonderfully behaved she was. She was very excited and curious. We loved her immediately. We've had her for a couple weeks now and couldn't be happier. 2PawsUp made sure Roxy was happy and healthy. They made sure my family was the right fit for her needs and that she was the right fit for ours. I could not be happier. She is the perfect addition to our already happy home.

Jon, Stacey, Maddy and Sunny.

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