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Just wanted to send you a couple pictures of Toby a/k/a Sam with an update. He's settled in quite well with our family and with our other dog Maggie. He's very sweet and we love his energy and puppyness. He's a bit of a houdini and will find any way out of our back yard and is a runner. He's hard to catch and so fast. He thinks it's all a game but eventually comes back. He's gotten out 3 times and just loves to frolic in the woods behind our backyard and chase squirrels, bunnies, foxes, etc. He's so cute to watch. We are getting an Invisible Fence installed since he now has figured out how to climb over the fence. I'm worried he might get in the road or cause an accident. He sure is a tenacious terrier.

We walk him and Maggie at least 2 miles every day and he just loves to cuddle with us and is such a happy dog. The dogs just love their walks! He sleeps with either my son or my husband and I depending on who brings him to bed first. They eat their meals side by side with no problems which really is a big deal since my older dog Maggie has always been food aggressive. With techniques I saw on the Dog Whisperer, I now make both sit and stay for their meals and now got them on a good twice a day feeding schedule. He's got a great personality and is friendly to everybody. Although he has learned to walk well on a leash, I've signed him up for a dog obedience class through the rec center starting next week. I think it'll be fun and good for him to socialize with other dogs and a good way for me to meet new people too. Should be fun. He's already learned to sit, stay, lay down and come.

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