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Just wanted to give you an update on Zeke (Baby)! He is doing wonderfully, and is such a little pleasure to have in our family!! He has adjusted beautifully, and we are seeing his real personality now ? what a hambone! He plays chase with his big cat brother Danny all day, still loves his toys (especially his laser pointer!), eats well, and has already let me cut his nails twice. He is indeed a lap cat, and will look for a lap as soon as he wants to take a rest from all of the play. Zeke sleeps with my son Danny every night (which is a thrill for him, since none of our other cats really liked to sleep in a bed), and we all get a kick out of how he gallops everywhere!

My mother bought him a "welcome to the family toy", which was a long ribbon with feathers on it, and a plastic handle so you can wave the ribbon at the cat. In all, it was probably about 5 feet long. For a solid week, Zeke dragged all 5 feet of it everywhere he went, moved it up the stairs and onto the bed at night, and slept on top of it! It had us in stitches it was so funny, and he gave us this look like ?you gave it to me, didn't you?? ? so adorable.

Anyway, here are some recent pics of him. He likes to crash on top of our couch during the day, and his place is a sunny window with a nice view of the tulips. He also spends a lot of time tracking birds and such from the screen porch, and plays with Danny in the dining room, where there is plenty of room to slide around.

Enjoy, and thank you again for this beautiful little guy!

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