Thank you for visiting! Here’s a little more information about 2PawsUp:

Who We Are:

2PawsUp was started in early 2007 by a small group helping to transport animals from the Harnett County Shelter to people who wanted to adopt but could not make it to the shelter themselves. After months of this service, we expanded our services to a full adoption agency. We have recently been approved as a North Carolina 501c3 non-profit organization. We are a devoted team of animal-loving philanthropists with a desire to make a difference in the North Carolina community.

Our Mission:

The 2PawsUp mission is to save animals on death row in high-kill shelters, provide any needed medical care, and find loving, safe forever homes for each and every animal. 2PawsUp also seeks to raise the awareness of the overpopulation and high euthanasia rates in North Carolina and to stop the endless cycle of shelter animals by spaying and neutering.

Why We Are Different:

As a future pet owner, you are probably looking for an adoption agency that is right for you. Each rescue group has something that appeals to different people, so everyone can find their future pet. Here’s what we think makes us different from other rescue organizations:
  • Our adoption fees vary between animals. We do not charge you for something we did not provide. For example, if a dog came into the shelter already neutered, the cost of that neuter will NOT be included in his adoption fee.
  • Our main focus is shelter pets. Most rescue groups focus on stray animals before they end up in the shelter. We try to help as many animals that are in imminent danger of being put down. We do accept animals from elsewhere as well, but high-kill shelters are our main focus.

How You Can Help:

Do you want to get involved with 2PawsUp? There are three great ways you can help:
1. DONATE. It’s fast and simple, just click to donate and help needy animals.
Or, if you have goods or services you want to donate (toys, food, supplies, services, etc), we’re happy to accept any generous tax-deductible gift that would help in the care and placement of our foster animals.
2. VOLUNTEER. Join our team and help out when help is needed most.
3. FOSTER. Interested in becoming a foster parent?

Thank you for visiting our site … spend some time, take a tour … you just might find your new best friend!